High Card Flush is a table game played against the dealer. The game starts by placing an Ante bet and two optional bonus bets–Flush Bonus & Straight Flush Bonus. Each player and the dealer then receive 7 cards face down. The goal is to get the greatest number of cards in any one suit. Once you determine your best flush hand, you have the following options:
Fold - losing your Ante bet.
Raise - placing a Raise bet.
The maximum amount of the Raise bet is determined by the size of your flush.
6 or 7 card flush - up to 3x Raise.
5 card flush - up to 2x Raise.
2, 3, or 4 card flush - 1x Raise.
Once the decision is made to fold or raise, the dealer's cards are revealed. As with the player's hand, the dealer determines their best flush hand. The first check is to see if the dealer qualifies. The dealer's best flush must be at least a 3-card flush with at least one card being a 9 or higher to qualify.
Dealer Does Not Qualify
Your Ante bet is paid and the Raise bet pushes.
Dealer Qualifies
You have larger flush - win your Ante and Raise bets.
Same size flush, you have higher ranking flush cards - win your Ante and Raise bets.
Same size flush, all flush cards same rank as dealer - push your Ante and Raise bets.
Otherwise - lose your Ante and Raise bets.
Flush Bonus & Straight Flush Bonus
These side bets are both optional. They are not played against the dealer. You are paid based only on the cards in your hand, according to the payout table. Therefore, whether you win, lose, or fold your hand, you can still get paid your bonus bet. Also keep in mind, for the Straight Flush Bonus, your straight flush does not have to be the same hand you play against the dealer. For example, you may have a 4-card Heart flush and a 3-card Spade straight flush in your hand. You play the 4-card Heart flush against the dealer and still win a 7-1 Straight Flush Bonus for your 3-card Spade straight flush.


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